Meena (Meena has been Adopted!)

Meena is a Friesian mare (we do not have pedigree info on her) who stands approximately 16hh and was foaled in approximately 2009. Meena’s previous owner was in a debilitating car accident in 2019 and the family reached out to MHARF as the best option to ensure a safe future for her three horses. Meena is an extremely sweet, gentle mare who is very passive in a group. Please note: Meena cannot be ridden due to a gastroc tendon tear and DSLD (degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis) which is a genetic condition. She is currently sound at the walk and trot and showing no signs of discomfort, but has been deemed a “pasture ornament only” after her most recent veterinary evaluation. So we are hoping to find an adoptive or foster home where this pretty mare can just hang out and receive the attention she loves.