Quinn (Companion Home Only)

Quinn is a beautiful buckskin gelding who was foaled in approximately 2006 and who stands 14.3hh. He originally came to us from a 2013 humane case. We have reason to believe Quinn is an Akhal-Teke x quarter horse cross. He was very thin at intake and had been kept in a stall with another horse who had beat him up pretty badly. He had large hematomas and cracked ribs. He had also not had much farrier care (and had possibly been handled roughly while having hooves trimmed) and was terrified of being trimmed.  Quinn, who is now all healed up, was adopted as a companion horse but as of this past summer his adopter could no longer keep him, so he is back with us .  His foster home/trainers (Michelle and Kaitlyn Fedewa) are currently working on ground work and he is now great at standing for the farrier.  Unfortunately, a recent veterinary evaluation showed us that Quinn has a rare condition of the navicular bones in both front feet. The navicular bones have formed with a fibrous band holding the two halves together rather than a solid piece. Because of this, the vet feels (and we agree) that Quinn should not be asked to work as a riding horse. He is, however, very comfortable as a pasture pet/companion. He is a very sweet horse with a lot of personality and good looks!