Skip (Skip has been Adopted!)

Skip is coming 2-year old gelding who came to MHARF from a July 2019 Carlton County humane case. He was extremely malnourished at intake and was also treated for pneumonia. He spent many days in-patient at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services.  Since August has been hanging out at the MHARF farm and gaining some much needed weight (which wasn’t a problem once he didn’t have to compete with other horses for his food). Skip is now healthy and he has been placed with trainer Michelle Fedewa for our 2020 Promise of the Future in-hand training competition for young horses. He will spend the spring and summer in training and will compete in the event in September. He will be available for adoption at the event. To learn how you can apply to adopt Skip in September Click Here.

You can follow Skip’s progress in his Facebook Page!