Tootsie (Tootsie has been adopted!)

Tootsie has been ADOPTED!

Tootsie is a yearling filly (foaled in spring 2019) who came to us in November 2019 from a Carlton County humane case. Tootsie was quite thin at intake and spent many weeks at Anoka Equine being treated for malnourishment and intestinal parasites. Tootsie also required a blood transfusion early on and was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia which required surgical repair once she was strong enough for the surgery. Tootsie had the surgery in late January and has now been released from the clinic. She was on several weeks of stall rest in our rehab.  You can see by the updated photos how well she is doing! Tootsie has now been placed with trainer Deb Anderson in our 2020 Promise of the Future In-Hand Training Competition for Young Horses. She will spend the spring and summer in training with Deb and will learn everything she needs to know about being a good citizen on the ground! She will then compete in the competition in September and be available for adoption at the event.

You can follow Tootsie’s progress on her Facebook Page!