Tootsie (Adopted)

Tootsie is a grade quarter horse mare who was foaled in spring of 2019. She originally came to us in a November 2019 humane case. Tootsie was quite thin at intake and spent many weeks at Anoka Equine being treated for malnourishment and intestinal parasites. Tootsie also required a blood transfusion early on and was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia which required surgical repair once she was strong enough for the surgery in January 2020.  Tootsie was adopted but came back to MHARF in Spring of 2023 due to what was thought to be navicular disease. Tootsie does not have navicular disease, but she does have an offset navicular bone. We are also working with the farrier to fix low heels caused by previous trimming. She is currently sound and will be going back into training soon.