Jewell (Companion Home Recommended)

Jewell is a nice palomino stock-type mare who was foaled in approximately 1994 and stands 15.2hh. She came to us when we were called out by Sherburne County to pick her up as an estray horse. Her owner was found but didn’t want her back so she was signed over to us. She has had her vet work (including dental). She has decent teeth for her age. We were told she is broke to ride and to drive both single and double. We did send her for a training assessment in November of 2020 and though she is broke to ride, she is quite rusty and not very willing. It was decided that due to her age we would not put a lot of resources into further under saddle training at this time as she is perfectly happy as a “pasture pet”. However, a potential adopter with experience could always put time into her under saddle and/or in harness as she is healthy and sound for her age. Another thing trainer Sarah Lemke worked with her on was he unwillingness to stand for the farrier–which is something she is now much better about!