Rocket (Rocket has been Adopted!)

Rocket is a miniature horse who was foaled in approximately 2017. He came to MHARF from a November 2019 Chisago County humane case. Rocket spent several days at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services having his intake vet work done. He is now in a foster home for the winter where he has a warm stall. He was quite thin at intake but his foster home has been doing a great job helping him gain some weight! The horses from this case had some of the heaviest internal parasite loads we have seen ( fecal float showed 1800 eggs per gram) and we worked with our vets to get that under control. Rocket is now doing very well and is ready to be gelded. He is a cryptorchid stallion (undescended testicle) and he is scheduled for surgery in March. After recovery he will be available for adoption.