Alexa (Student of the 2020 Trainer’s Challenge)

Alexa is a 2017 dark bay thoroughbred mare who came to MHARF in February 2020. She was surrendered by an owner who had recently purchased her but did not have the resources to give her the care she needs. She has had her intake veterinary work and has gained weight nicely! Alexa dis have a hoof crack which is well on it’s way to healing–so she has now been placed with trainer Alyssa Bjorklund in our 2020 Trainer’s Challenge. She will spend the spring and summer in training with Alyssa and will compete in the event in September, at which she will be available for adoption. To find out how you can potentially adopt Alexa at the Challenge please visit our Adopting a Trainer’s Challenge Horse page.

You can follow Alexa’s progress on her Facebook Page!