Topaz (In Rehabilitation Program)

Topaz is a young dun mare (foaled in approximately 2018) who was signed over to MHARF after she was purchased at a Long Prairie, MN, auction in September 2020 (thank you to Kym Garvey of Save the Brays Donkey Rescue and to everyone who donated towards her purchase). She spent several days at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services being closely monitored and receiving her intake care. Bloodwork showed that she was anemic and had been starved to the point that her body had begun to utilize protein from muscle tissue to survive. Topaz is requiring careful feeding, hydration monitoring, antibiotics, treatment for rain rot, ringworm, and intestinal parasites. She is a sweet mare and we are very hopeful for her full recovery. Topaz is still in our Rehabilitation Program and will not be available for adoption until she has sufficiently recovered.