Tipper (Companion Home Only)

Tipper is an Arabian gelding who was foaled around 2002. We were contacted by the neighbor of Tipper’s elderly owner  during the summer of 2020 in hopes that we could convince the owner to sign him over due to the fact that she was no longer able to care for him. Tipper was well-loved, but he was in need of regular vet care, consistent handling, and training. Thanks to the help of Michelle and Kaitlyn Fedewa, who made time to visit with Tipper’s owner to explain what our program is all about and reassure her that he will be well taken care of, Tipper came into the MHARF program.  He went into foster care with the Fedewas where he benefited greatly from having a lot of handling, turn-out space, and the companionship of other horses. Since 2021, he has been in a new foster home where he is thriving (thank you, Bev!). Tipper has not been under saddle and due to his age (early 20’s) and the fact that he takes a long time to establish trust in new people, he will remain a companion-only horse (and he does make a very cute pasture ornament with those ears).