Raspberry the Orphan Goat

Thank you so much to Kristina for these pics of Raspberry! Raspberry is an orphan Boer goat who was originally rescued when she was just a few days old by Jennifer, who knew she was sick and needed help even though she wouldn’t be able to keep her. Jennifer took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Knowing that this baby goat needed to go to someone with “goat experience”, Jennifer contacted us for help. Kristina had recently contacted us looking for a companion for her older nanny goat. We knew she didn’t want a youngster (much less a 3-day-old bottle baby w/ pneumonia), but we thought just maybe we could talk her into it. Once Kristina saw how tiny and helpless Raspberry was, she knew she had to help! Both women drove a long distance to meet up so Raspberry could be transferred to her new home. It was touch and go for awhile for this little girl, but with the care of Kristina and her family, Raspberry was soon thriving! We have been receiving photos and videos ever since. Now they just need to convince Raspberry that she is a goat and not a house dog… 😆