Rooster (Currently in Rehabilitation Program)

Rooster is a young quarter-pony (approximately 5 years old) who was signed over to us in March 2021 after being purchased at a livestock auction by a kind and conscientious person who saw he was in desperate need of the veterinary care he had been denied. He was a stud at the time (has now been gelded) He had multiple badly infected wounds, abscesses above both eyes, ulcers in both eyes, severe trauma to the left side of his face, several broken and missing teeth. He has a fracture above his left eye that thankfully does not appear to require surgical repair. As of 04/17/21 he has been discharged from the hospital and is now at the MHARF farm to continue his rehab. Despite having had no handling in the past, Rooster is a really nice young horse who is learning quickly to trust people. Thank you very much to Anoka Equine Veterinary Services for their excellent care, and also to Gayle and Cindy for helping to get this guy to a safe place where he is getting the treatment he needs. Donations to help cover Rooster’s care are greatly appreciated.  We will post updates on Rooster’s condition as we have them. Thank you!