River (Currently in Rehabilitation)

River is a quarter horse mare (foaled in approximately 2005) who is an intake from a case in which we are assisting Equine Allies, Inc., in northern Minnesota to place horses whose owner is no longer able to provide the care they need.  Sable is currently at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services receiving treatment for a damaged deep digital flexor tendon.

Update 09/26/21: Thank you to Mark Thorkildson of Burns Lake Forge and Anoka Equine Veterinary Services for the excellent work to treat River’s damaged left hind deep digital flexor tendon. Farrier Mark Thorkildson has fitted River with a custom appliance/shoe on her left hind to facilitate resting the stay apparatus in that leg. This also allowed us to treat the canker in her right hind foot. She is resting comfortably and has a great attitude. Prognosis is still guarded but we are extremely hopeful. We will post updates as we have them!