Jaxson (Jaxson has been Adopted!)

Jaxson has been ADOPTED!

Jaxson is a 15.1hh gelding (foaled in approximately 2007) who came to MHARF recently because his owner could no longer keep him. It’s been a few years since he was ridden so he is with Sarah Helms at Step Up Horsemanship for an assessment and refresher training. This is video of Sarah’s first ride in the large indoor. Jaxson is available for adoption through MHARF while he continues his training. We don’t have any info yet on how he is on the trails and we would not consider him appropriate for beginner riders.

Here is what Sarah says about his first assessment ride:
“I rode Jackson the first day in the round pen since I didn’t know much about him so day 2 I brought him into the arena with out lunging him and just hopped on him to see what he knows. He is pretty quiet and easy going, neck reins, has a good stop, w/t/l never offered to buck. He does need some work on standing still. He does have a big stride that’s a little on the fast side but he never felt out of control. He could use a little bit of a tune up but is a really nice big gelding.” Jaxson’s Assessment Ride Video