Redwing (Adopted)

Redwing is a sorrel quarter horse mare who was foaled in approximately 2002. She came to MHARF from an April 2022 Kanabec County humane case. She was in need of care for the untreated cancer on the nictitating membrane on her right eye (as well as in need of some calories, as you can see in her intake pics). We are happy to say that her surgery was successful! The surgical margins were clear. The nictitating membrane (third eyelid) was the only thing involved and it was removed completely, so the prognosis is excellent that the cancer will not return (thank you, Anoka Equine Veterinary Services!). Redwing, who is approximately 15.1hh, has now gone to MJB Horse Training for a training assessment. As of this time, they have been working on some refresher training in the arena and we would say that Redwing is suitable for an intermediate rider and up.