“I’m so incredibly proud of my boys!”

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Congratulations to Bella and her adopted MHARF horses, Ketch and C.J. (Cactus Jack) on a successful county fair season! We received this great update from Bella, including photos of the story boards she put on the stall fronts. What a wonderful way to represent rescue horses!

“Hello, I just wanted to share some photos from the Dakota County Fair and let you know how we did:). First off, I’m so incredibly proud of my boys! They did great for it being there first show! Although Showmanship did not go as planned for me and ketch, we were able to fully complete the pattern. C.J. and I entered the Horse Training Class and ended up getting a blue ribbon, along with Scoring 99/100 on our face-to-face demonstration and interview with the Judge! She had many complements to give about him:)
Ketch and I entered in the trail class and did the course in-hand. Because this is typically a riding class, we didn’t get judged, but he did complete the course effortlessly. A lot of the obstacles he had never seen before, and he did them perfectly. He received complements from the Judge!

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Overall, I’m very happy with the results. There is LOTS of room for improvement, but I am so grateful to you guys for giving me the opportunity to work with these incredibly talented and amazing horses. Look out Dakota County Fair: we’ll be back next year!!!

We also ran into a MHARF horse who was adopted a couple of years ago. His Name was Flick and he’s a palomino; he’s doing great with barrels and his new owner. Flick and Ketch were stall mates and got to enjoy a couple bags of hay together. I was so glad to see other members of the MHARF family giving their horses a chance to be a star!
Thank you again and enjoy the pics!”