Journey (Adopted)

Journey has been Adopted!

Journey is a registered quarter horse gelding (Little Star Journey) who was foaled in 2002. He was surrendered to MHARF by his owners in August 2022 because they could not give him the care he needs. Journey is extremely thin, but we were lucky to get him in time to save him. He was put on a careful ,refeeding program and as soon as he gained enough weight to handle the procedure, he was scheduled for dental work. On 09/16/22 Journey had his dental surgery at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services to remove a broken molar. He was reactive, and the tooth must have been very painful because even with sedation and nerve blocking, he couldn’t tolerate the work being done in his mouth. He had to have general anesthesia in the surgery suite, which was much more expensive but definitely worth it because it was successful and the broken pieces of tooth were removed. He had a difficult recovery but is now bright and eating well.

Update 01/18/23: Journey is now doing very well and is available for adoption. He does still require grain twice a day. He has not yet been assessed for training level but is in line as soon as we have an opening.