“I love him so much!”

This happy ending was a long time in the making! This is Dollar who originally came to MHARF during a 2017 humane case. He’d had poor farrier care and was plagued with very thin soles and recurring hoof abscesses. Holly took him in as a foster horse in 2018 and worked diligently with her veterinarian and farrier to get him back to soundness. In 2020, she was so attached to him she decided to adopt him even though he was still having hoof issues. By 2021, he was much better and back into light riding. Now, as of summer of 2022, Holly reports Dollar is completely sound and back to work:

“Dollar at his lesson; he is finally a sound horse with no more abscesses! He is such a good boy. I love him so much! Dynamite Hoof Products, a good diet, and a good farrier are what saved this horse.”
Thank you to Holly and everyone else who helped get this beautiful gelding back on track to being a healthy and happy riding partner!