Pink (Adopted)

Pink is a 2007 paint mare who came to MHARF in September 2022 as an owner surrender. Pink is thin and has stringhalt that was most likely caused by an old injury. She is scheduled for a tendonectomy at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services, a procedure that has a 65% chance of correcting the issue and making her sound.

Video of Pink w/ stringhalt

Update 09/18/22: Pink had her tendonectomy. She will be on stall rest for a while and we won’t know for several weeks if the surgery was successful. We will update her info as soon as we know more.

Update 10/07/22: Pink remains mostly on stall rest for now after her tendonectomy surgery, but she does get to come out for some grazing time and to check out her surroundings. We don’t expect to have a definite prognosis for her recovery for a few weeks yet. Time, patience and TLC is what she needs!

Update: 11/09/22: Pink has recovered well from her surgery but still has a mild hitch in her step. She will never be a riding horse, but can have a very happy life as a companion for another horse–which is great because she has an adoption in the works for just that purpose!