Bookem Danno

Bookem Danno is a Friesian x Spanish Mustang gelding who originally came to MHARF in 2010. He was foaled in approximately 2005 and had not had much previous handling. He was placed in our 2011 Trainer’s Challenge with a trainer from Midwest Western Dressage. He and his trainer Jen competed successfully in the event and she then adopted him. Recent changes at work meant that Jen could no longer keep Danno on the schedule he needed and she has very sadly had to return him to MHARF. Danno stands approximately 15.1hh and he is big-bodied, strong horse. He is dominant in a herd and he does have separation anxiety when removed from his herd. Jen reports that he does much better when he is with someone with whom he has bonded. He has good ground manners when handled by a confident, experienced person.

Danno is currently in training with MJB Horse Training and is suitable for an experienced rider. Watch for updates!