Woody is a senior gelding who came to MHARF in November 2022. He’s an older gelding we were asked to take in after he became homeless through a series of unfortunate circumstances. Woody is very thin and was sorely in need of dental care. He is currently enjoying the comfort of a stall at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services where he has been started on a refeeding program and is doing well. We are hopeful that he will recover quickly now that it’s no longer painful for him to eat. Dental care is so important to maintaining a horse’s health. no matter their age!

Update 11/25/22: Woody has now been moved to the MHARF farm for rehab.

Update: 12/01/22: Woody has been adopted! Normally we don’t make horses available for adoption until they are well on their way to being fully rehabilitated, but we made and exception in Woody’s case because his adopter is very knowledgeable about caring for and re-feeding starved horses. She will continue to work with Woody’s vets at Anoka Equine to make sure he gets the care he needs.