Sawyer and Paris: a perfect couple!

We received these beautiful photos of MHARF alumni Sawyer and Paris. Sawyer was adopted by Kathleen in 2010 after he came to MHARF as a weanling from a humane case. Paris (formerly known as Pink) came to us just this past September as an owner surrender. It wasn’t until volunteers Janette and Craig arrived to pick her up that we knew how extremely lame she was. She was taken to Anoka Equine Veterinary Services where they confirmed she had a severe case of stringhalt. She underwent tendonectomy surgery to correct this condition (which was most likely due to an old injury, as indicated by the amount of scar tissue on that leg). And though Paris will still never be a riding horse, the surgery did make her a lot more comfortable and allow her to move much more easily. Kathleen reports that Paris moves even better when she is out in the pasture relaxing and playing with Sawyer. Kathleen also says, “Paris and Sawyer are the admired ’neighborhood couple!’ I let them out into the big pasture today. That Paris is quite the explorer and Sawyer is quite the guy in love! It’s delightful. It’s sweet: she has a left blue eye; Sawyer has a right blue eye.”
Sounds like a perfect match!