We are “incredibly thankful for these boys…”

Three years to the day Tonka’s adopter first saw him posted on Facebook, she sent us this re-creation of the pictures that made her fall in love with him! (Tonka spent several weeks at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services in 2019 and was quite a favorite there.) From Lindsey: “December 19th will always be a date I hold deep in my heart! It was the first time I saw a picture of Tonka through Anoka Equine’s Facebook post. Little did I know he would become my heart and soul ❤️ He is everything and more than I could ever ask for, such a blast to work with and what journey it has been so far! We have done a few novice games, cow sorting and some trail rides. Can’t wait for more to come!” Lindsey’s sister Mandy adopted Skip who came in from the same case as Tonka. The two were buddies (having been together most of their lives, including while in training for the 2020 “Promise of the Future” competition w/ trainers Kaitlyn and Michelle Fedewa). Skip has unfortunately been diagnosed with ringbone. He’s currently undergoing treatment and is also just “living his best life” as Tonka’s companion. We’re very thankful to Lindsey and Mandy for giving these young geldings such a great home. Lindsey also tells us that she and Mandy are “incredibly thankful for these boys and how wonderful they are” and that Tonka and Skip will be together forever.