Shilo is safe and loved!

Thank you so much to Alison for this update on Shilo (formerly known as “Storm”) and for her wonderful testimonial regarding her adoption experience. We are thrilled that Shilo has such a wonderful home and that we were able to help bring the two of them together!

“I adopted Shilo over a year ago from MHARF. It was love at first sight and a journey we would embark on together. At the time, Shilo’s name was Storm. She came through surrender, and our uniting has helped us heal but in very different ways. I am a survivor. My work helps others heal and provides me a platform to help others see their dreams, goals, and person-centered growth to those wanting to be safe. Shilo needed to be safe, and now she is “SAFE” and loved. This dream was only possible because of MHARF and also a personal and dear friend Renne Walker. Renne has a rescue and sanctuary now in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

Renne walked through the process with me and also reassured me that this time around, things would be ok. When I was 14 years old and, at the time, an avid rider, I had a horse—an appaloosa, to be exact. Topper reminds me of Shilo. Although he was 16.2 hands and she is 14.3, this healing process has helped me see that my riding years ( Showing games )  as a kid- were not done yet! Being back in the saddle feels so good. I also want to acknowledge that MHARF has supported equine and riders of color. Opening the door to those trying to find diversity, equity, and inclusion is a sport or horse ownership in Minnesota is not always pleasant. We are often met with discrimination and racism, and behind it all is ignorance. MHARF is terrific, and Shilo was a gift. We thank you, MHARF, for bringing us together.

Alison and Shilo, We love MHARF!!!!!!!!”