Chrome (Adopted)

Update 06/15/23: Chrome’s lameness issue has been evaluated by the veterinarian and it has been determined that he is not rideable due to an issue with his left hip and pelvic region. We believe that Chrome was in some sort of an accident at one point and that the injury to his left eye and to his left hip and pelvis were all a result of the same accident. He is pasture-sound and as sweet and gentle as can be. We are hoping to find a home for Chrome as a companion to another gentle and kind horse.

Chrome (formerly “Norman”) is a palomino Appaloosa gaited gelding in his early to mid-teens who is as kind as he is handsome. He came to MHARF in March 2023. His previous owner had just gotten him when she found out she had medical issues of her own that meant she would no longer be able to care for her animals. Chrome came to her with a bad eye, which she’d had examined by her veterinarian. However, she did not have a chance to schedule the eye removal surgery that was needed. We are happy that we were able to step in and take Chrome so his owner could focus on her own health while he also received the care he needed. His non-functioning eye was removed at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services and he spent March and April recovering at the MHARF farm. His eye has now healed up and as of May 1st went to HH Stables for continuing rehab care (mainly gaining weight, and evaluation of a minor hind leg lameness).