Lisa (Adopted)

Lisa is a young pony mare (foaled in approximately 2014, standing 10hh) whom we were called out to pick up after she had been found running loose along a busy county road in early May 2023. She had been chased by cars and on foot by several people, finally being roped and dragged into a holding pen. When we arrived, we found a very terrified pony who had no intention of letting someone catch her again. Our director roped her as gently as possible and quickly got a halter on her and was able to get her in the trailer. She was not claimed by her owner, so she came to MHARF for rehabilitation and eventual adoption to a new home. She was underweight and her stiff, harsh hair-coat showed long-term nutritional neglect. Her hooves were overgrown, and she was treated for a severe case of lice. She also had a permanent scar from a too-tight halter that grew into her face. Lisa was mistrustful of humans, so it took some time to get her to stand quietly for body clipping, which was handled in increments so as not to cause too much stress. When she was ready, she had all of her intake veterinary work done, including vaccinations and dental work.  Lisa was adopted in 2023, but has now been returned to MHARF because her adopter could no longer keep her. She is ready to find a committed adoptive home where she will get the love and attention she deserves.

(You may have seen our post in 2023 about the passing of our friend Lisa Brisse, for whom MHARF is a recipient of memorial donations. In Lisa’s memory, we thought this pony should be honored with her name.  Lisa the pony had gone through a lot, but she is a survivor. We think our friend Lisa would be proud.💜💜💜)