Jack (Adopted)

We have an update on baby Pygmy goat, Jack. He’s been adopted by a wonderful person with a lot of goat knowledge. (Thank you, Ruth!) Ruth reports that Jack is currently living in his own space in the house where she can keep a close eye on him. He has not been standing on his own much, but today when she took his bottle to him, he had gotten up by himself again, which is great news! Jack has a long road ahead of him, but he also has a loving home and is getting all of the care and treatment he needs, so our hopes are high!
Jack is an orphan pygmy goat who has been diagnosed with he metabolic disease known as “goat polio” caused by a vitamin and mineral deficiency due to an improper diet. The vet also suspects that he has had an injury to his back which has caused inflammation and partial paralysis. We are very hopeful that the partial paralysis is temporary. He is already showing improvement with treatment for the metabolic issues. He’s a really nice boy and he deserves this chance.