Baxter (Adopted)

This very well-behaved gelding is our most recent intake (late August 2023). He has now had all of his intake veterinary work done at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services. His estimated age is early 20’s, but he is hard to age because his upper teeth have been worn down from cribbing. His mouth is quite ulcerated due to sharp points, but that will heal now that his teeth have been floated. He should now be able to eat properly and has been started on a refeeding program so he can gain some much-needed weight. He also had a bath and had his extremely dirty sheath cleaned (he should be feeling much better!) Through all of this, Baxter has been a perfect gentleman. We can only speculate on his history and what he has all been through. Currently Baxter is showing lameness on his right hind and left front foot. He did have his hooves trimmed today (stood like a champ) and we are hoping that now that he will have protection from flies and is not constantly stomping, time and rest will help that. We will do further diagnostics if necessary. Any donations to help us cover intake costs for Baxter are very much appreciated. Thank you! And thank you to Cathy and John for your help with Baxter’s journey to safety!