Rascal: the luckiest and most-loved pony mule in the world.

A memorial to Rascal, possibly the luckiest and most-loved pony mule in the world! Our hearts go out to Melissa after she recently had to make the hardest of decisions for him. Rascal originally came to us from a 2012 humane case known as the “Fillmore 55”. He was not gelded, had not had any handling, and wanted nothing to do with people. Truhaven Ranch, who was of great assistance with this case, took him into temporary foster care after he was gelded. There Melissa was able to work with him and get him halter broke and handleable, but he still retained his “ornery” character. He then went to another foster home we hoped would become permanent, but he was soon returned because of “bad behavior.” At that point, Melissa knew Rascal needed to stay with someone who would understand and love him despite his challenging personality, and that person was her. We want to thank Melissa for the love and care she has given him over the years and for making the kindest decision for him when he needed it. In the photos below, Rascal’s best friends, Ghost (white donkey) and Gus (Haflinger), were both from the same case and were both also adopted by Melissa. ❤️❤️❤️