Snickerdoodle (Currently in Rehab)

Snickerdoodle is a 10.1hh 2009 pony mare who was picked up at an auction by our friends at Save the Brays Donkey Rescue in March of 2024. After her quarantine period she came to MHARF where she had a good grooming session before going to have her intake veterinary work done at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services. Snickerdoodle had very bad dental issues, including large hooks which caused her mouth to be ulcerated. She also needed two teeth extracted that were so dead the mucosa had grown up into the socket under the teeth and healed. It’s likely this little mare was mishandled in the past because she is wary of being touched, but once she knows you are not going to hurt her, she gives a big sigh of relief and melts. She loves being gently brushed (still shedding out) and she was very good for her recent farrier care. Fly spray is obviously a new concept for her, but she is learning to put up with it. She also has an atrophied left hindquarter from an old injury.