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chrissyHere’s Chrissy, the sorrel mare laying (okay, more like buried) in the round bale. Chrissy was adopted by Brandy Olsen and is enjoying her life of relentless hard work with her friend Mister (the dark gelding).

Okay, maybe there’s not so much hard work. As you can see she’s got it pretty rough! And she can’t seem to relax!

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Charlie Brown, My “Rescue” Pony

Four years ago, my parents adopted Charlie Brown, a horse from the Hooved Animal Rescue. He was one of 45 horses, abandoned, and, thankfully, rescued. Charlie was my dream come true. I had been riding dressage for three years. I didn’t really know Charlie until after he was broke to ride, when I rode him in one of my lessons. In that lesson, I found the best horse (in my opinion) in the world. From March to July,

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Dave’s New Life

To Drew and the other great volunteers:

dave_beforeJust would like you to know how wonderful “Dave” is. We could have not asked for such a kind and sweet horse. He is working out just grand and has adapted very well to his new home.

When he arrived at French Lake stables last Friday night, December 23rd, 2005, he took a good look at the new surroundings before exiting the trailer and let out several whinnies to announce that it looked just fine here.

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Nora and Kaylea

When I found out what a horse was I fell in love. Every day I would ask my parents “When can I get a horse?” they would always reply “Sometime.”

nora&kayleaKaylea and Nora (June 15th 2005)Then one day I went to a conference and my teacher said “We’re getting my daughter a horse – do you want to board at our house.” We answered “Yes.” One night I was over at the Hill’s house and my dad came to pick me up and when I got in the house I went over to the couch and sat by my mom and my dad sat in our chair and they said “We’ve adopted Nora.” I didn’t believe them at first then the showed me the papers.

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rambo01I met Rambo about seven years ago or so. He had recently been acquired by the MN Hooved Animal Organization. He was being cared for at Freedom Stables in Maple Lake. I had recently started working there on weekends helping out with the barn work and care of the horses. Rambo was a scrawny, scared-looking little boy. He had an end stall near one of the doors so that he could easily look outside.

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