Courtney Gunter and Eve

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Courtney was born in the city, but was a country girl at heart. Unable to have a horse of her own, she did what many horse crazy kids do …she started going to day camps, riding on an equestrian team and volunteering anywhere that had horses. The more she worked with younger horses and horses with less handling/experience, the more she fell in love with the beautiful creatures. It quickly became apparent to her that with a little bit love, understanding and patience, horses have the ability to adapt, learn and overcome past miscommunication they have experienced with humans.

This is Courtney’s first year training a horse for Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation Promise of the Future Competition. She is excited to be able to provide a young horse the opportunity of finding their forever home after learning the basic fundamentals this summer. Hopefully everyone can come watch the competition during Labor Day weekend this year and fall in love with some amazing horses who need loving homes.”