Courtney Stanek and Jiminy Cricket

Contact information for voice/text: 651-200-8501

Email is preferred contact method:

Hello, my name is Courtney Stanek!

I am one of the trainers for the 2020 Promise of the Future, and I have been paired with a 2 year old gelding named Jiminy Cricket. He is the first horse I am training for the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation, but I am hoping to participate in more challenges in the future.

I have been riding horses for about 17 years and have spent my entire life around them, although I mostly rode on trails. I became more active in the horse world when I joined 4-H 7 years ago. Since then, I have joined more horse-related associations such as WSCA and AQHA. I commonly show through these associations, but I am starting to branch out to PtHA and am looking into joining cow horse associations. I train mostly my personal horses and have even shown at the Minnesota State Fair with them. I have experience training young horses through the 2019 AQHA Young Horse Development Program and through client horses. I believe in patience, gentle training methods that teach a horse to work with a person rather than forceful methods that flood the horse. When I am not working with horses, I am dedicating my time to music or my goat farm.

I look forward to working with Jiminy Cricket throughout this challenge! I hope to shape him into a great, willing horse that anyone can work with and love.