Helen Levering and Gabby

Contact information:


Website: hjhorsemanship.org

FB: @hjhorsemanship

Helen Levering: I am a trainer newly based out of Northern WI. I’m originally from the area but my husband and I just moved from KY to start our own equine training facility. Before living in KY, I was a working student at a large dressage facility near Chicago, IL. Horses have been a part of my life since I can remember. My main foundation is in dressage but I have been exposed to many disciplines such as eventing, jumping and reining. I mainly work with young horses, though I enjoy working with horses of all ages and disciplines. I’m always looking to improve my horsemanship and appreciate everything that each horse teaches me. I’m very excited to be working with Gabby and look forward to the next few months we have to get to know each other.

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