Shaylor Alley and Luta

Contact information: 505-670-9782


Shaylor Alley: Shaylor grew up on a small ranch in New Mexico. He started his first colt at age 9, and started shoeing when he was 16. He recently moved to Minnesota and is slowly making his way into the circle of horse-people. He starts colts, rides horses for the public and is passionate about making bridle horses. He has been a farrier for over 25 years working with many disciplines of horses and their hoof needs. He and his wife also do mental health therapy with horses. You can view Shaylor’s Training Business Facebook page here  Shaylor Alley Horseman. He still has his New Mexico phone number 505-670-9782 and can be emailed at

You can follow Shaylor and Luta’s progress through the spring and summer on Luta’s Facebook Page Here!