Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack is a beautiful  bay gelding who was born on 06/16/17. His mother, Cactus Katie, is a pinto mare who came to MHARF during a May 2017 Isanti County humane case.  In 2018 Jack was diagnosed with a bone cyst and required arthroscopic surgery. He has now made a full recovery and has gotten the ok from the vet to continue in his training.




Laylee (Student of the 2020 Trainer’s Challenge)

Laylee is a very sweet bay mare who came to MHARF through law enforcement in a May 2017 humane case.  She was very thin at intake but has flourished in our rehabilitation program. She was foaled in approximately 2015 and is approximately 14hh. We don’t have a lot of information about Laylee’s breeding but we think it is a mix of Arabian, paint, and welsh pony.

During the summer of 2018 she was in training for our 2018 Promise of the Future Training Competition with trainer Melissa Stuckey of North Country Haven (please note: the POF competition is for horses age 3 and under. It is in in-hand only competition). She and Melissa competed successfully at the event in September and took home 6th Overall High Point.

Laylee has now been placed with trainer Anna Hill for our for the 2020 Trainer’s Challenge. She will spend the spring and summer in training with Anna and will compete on the Challenge on September. She will be available for adoption at that time. YOu can follow her training progress with Anna on Laylee’s Facebook Page.

To find more information on how to apply to adopt Laylee at the event in September Click Here.



Cooper (Student of the 2020 Trainer’s Challenge)

Cooper came to MHARF in April 2017 as a two-week old foal from Last Chance Corral in Ohio. He needed to be bottle fed for several weeks but was handled a lot and has turned into a friendly and respectful young horse. He had a severe umbilical hernia which was repaired and he was gelded. We don’t have any info on Cooper’s breeding but he is gaited. Cooper has now been placed with trainer Abbie Schramm for our 2020 Trainer’s Challenge. He will spend the spring and summer in training with Abbie and compete in the event in September. To find out how you can apply to adopt Cooper at the event please visit our Adopting a Trainer’s Challenge Horse page.

You can follow Cooper’s progress on his Facebook Page!






Padre is a gray White Sands mustang who came to MHARF in December 2016 from a large South Dakota humane case (seized from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, transferred to MHARF from Fleet Of Angels. Click Here to read more about this case). He was foaled in approximately 2014 and was a stud at intake but was gelded shortly after. Having no previous handling, Padre did have some trust issues when he came in but was friendly and curious. He spent the summer of 2017 in training with Bob Johnson for our Promise of the Future training competition (you can see Padre and Bob’s work over the summer of 2017 Here!)  He was placed in our 2018 Trainer’s Challenge with trainers Kiley and Jeremy Anderson and was started under saddle. However, in early September 2018 Padre suffered a soft tissue injury and was placed on 8 to 12 weeks of stall rest so he was unable to compete. Padre has now been fully recovered for over a year and is showing no ongoing issues. He is currently back in training with Marirose Berner of MJB Horse Training. Though he is quiet, we would still consider Padre green-broke at this time just because he has not been under saddle very long. He has a sweet temperament and  is very low in a herd pecking order so he needs a home where he will not be bullied by other horses or have to compete for food. Unlike most mustangs, he is not an “easy keeper” and does require supplemental feed to keep his weight up. He would love to finally find his own person!






Turtle (Student of the 2020 Trainer’s Challenge)

Turtle is a young bay overo paint gelding who was foaled on 11/5/16. His dam Dixie came to MHARF during a September 2016 Stearns County humane case.  Many of our followers sent us the idea to name him “Turtle” because of the very distinct turtle shape on his side. Turtle was adopted but his adopter could sadly not keep him. He was returned to MHARF and was entered into our 2018 Promise of the Future

In-Hand Training Competition for Young Horses at the Leatherdale Equine Center on the U of M St. Paul campus with trainer Liz Sigsworth.  Liz and Turtle competed successfully in the POF on 09/22/18 and won the Reserve Championship!

Turtle has now been placed with trainer Nate Stener for our 2020 Trainer’s Challenge. He will spend the spring and summer in training with Nate and will compete in the event in September. He will then be available for adoption. To find out how you can apply to adopt Turtle at the event Click Here.

You can follow Turtle and Nate’s progress on Turtle’s Facebook Page!