Latte is a 14.2hh buckskin welsh cob gelding who was foaled in 2014. Latte is broke to ride but has developed some “scooting” issues under saddle. We have determined these issues are not pain related. Latte may have been rushed in his training and is confused about what is being asked of him. He needs to be restarted by a patient, gentle and experienced trainer. He will need an owner with whom he can establish a trusting relationship.


Anna is a Friesian mare who was foaled in approximately 2002 and stands approximately 15.1hh. Anna’s previous owner was in a debilitating car accident this spring and the family reached out to MHARF as the best option to ensure a safe future for her three horses. Anna is not broke to ride but she has really nice ground manners. We currently waiting on test results for Cushing’s Disease, due to the extremely curly hair coat she had when she came in (thank you to Wendy DeCamp of Essence of Equus for doing a full body clip on Anna to make her more comfortable for warm weather!). We will have updates on Anna soon.


Thomas is  a pinto pony gelding came to MHARF from an April Clay County humane case. He stands 13.2hh and was foaled in approximately 2009. We won’t have a training assessment on him until he gains a little bit more weight. He is very sweet and quiet. You can read media coverage on this humane case here.

Ma Barker (Fillmore County Red Dun Mare)

This red dun mare came to MHARF during a late March 2019 Fillmore County humane case. She was extremely emaciated at intake and had an older bay colt at her side. The colt has now been weaned and she is able to put all of the calories she is receiving towards gaining weight. This poor older mare (in her late teens) is not so sure she wants much to do with people right now. She has been coming around very nicely with kind handling and regular feeding. We will be looking for a foster or adoptive home for her–some place where she can have her own safe space and access to her own food without having defend it from other horses for now. She has some trust issues and definitely needs a place with experienced horse people. To read more about this case, please see the links to media coverage on our Home Page.


Freedon (Fillmore County Pinto Gelding)

This pinto gelding came to MHARF from a late March 2019 Fillmore County humane case. He is in his early 20’s and was extremely emaciated at intake. He was taken directly to Anoka Equine Veterinary Services where he spent the next two weeks receiving rehabilitative care and veterinary treatment. He has now been moved to a great foster home where he will continue his rehab. It is likely he will be adopted by his foster home once his rehab is complete.  You can find links to the media coverage of this humane case on our Home Page.