Beau is a Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding who is in his mid to late 20’s. He is a retired field trial horse who is well broke to ride but still has a lot of “go”.  We will have more pics soon!


Takoda is a pinto gelding who was a recent surrender in Anoka County. He’s in his mid-teens and approximately 15hh. We will have  more info on him once he has gained some weight and we can do a training assessment.


Sly is a nice palomino gelding who came in from a recent St. Louis County humane case. He is in his early 20’s and stands approximately 14.2hh. Once Sly has gained some much needed weight we will have a training assessment done on him.

Shiloh (Sherburne County #402)

Shiloh is a black gelding in his early to mid-twenties. He came in from a recent Sherburne County case. He is an extremely sweet and kind boy who spent many years as a camp horse. Shiloh has the teeth of a senior horse and will require a lot of mash as he can no longer eat hay. He will be having all of his dental work done so we can get his teeth back into the best shape possible. Lucky for Shiloh, he has sponsors, which will allow for him to spend the winter in a heated barn while he gains back that much needed weight. Shiloh is also blind in one eye due to an old injury, but this does not seem to affect him.

Skip: Carlton County #2 Sorrel Colt

Skip is yearling colt who came to MHARF from a July 2019 Carlton County humane case. He was extremely malnourished at intake and was also treated for pneumonia. He is now doing much better and has now been released from in-patient care at the clinic. Now he just needs to concentrate on gaining some much needed weight (which shouldn’t be a problem now that he doesn’t have to compete with other horses for his food). We will post updates as he grows and fills out!