Tootsie (Carlton County #4)

Tootsie is a weanling aged filly who came to us in November 2019 from a Carlton County humane case. Tootsie was quite thin at intake and spent several weeks at Anoka Equine being treated for malnourishment and intestinal parasites. Tootsie also required a blood transfusion early on and was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia which required surgical repair once she was strong enough for the surgery. Tootsie had the surgery in late January and has now been released from the clinic. She will be on several weeks of stall rest and will stay in our rehab program for now. You can see by the updated photos how well she is doing!



Tonka (Carlton County #3)

Tonka is a weanling aged palomino colt who came to us in November 2019 from a Carlton County humane case. Tonka was treated for malnourishment and intestinal parasites and then gelded. He did have a complication with the castration surgery so had to return to Anoka Equine for recovery. He is now recovering just fine but he will most likely remain in our rehab program for several months before being made available for adoption.


Shiloh (Sherburne County #402)

Shiloh is a black gelding in his early to mid-twenties. He came in from a recent Sherburne County case. He is an extremely sweet and kind boy who spent many years as a camp horse. Shiloh has the teeth of a senior horse and will require a lot of mash as he can no longer eat hay. He will be having all of his dental work done so we can get his teeth back into the best shape possible. Lucky for Shiloh, he has sponsors, which will allow for him to spend the winter in a heated barn while he gains back that much needed weight. Shiloh is also blind in one eye due to an old injury, but this does not seem to affect him.

Swamp Cat


Swamp Cat is a quarter pony gelding who stands approximately 13.2hh and was foaled in approximately 2000. He was recently returned to MHARF because his adopter could no longer keep him. Cat is a super sweet boy and is broke to ride but he does have issues with arthritis and we aren’t certain if he will be suitable for riding in the future. He is currently in our foster program as a companion.

Video of Cat Being Ridden 10/2018


Bayard is a grade Arabian gelding who came to MHARF from a December 2017 case. He was foaled in approximately 2010 and stands around 14.2hh. Bayard has a stifle injury that we believe happened last summer. He needs some rehabilitation time to regain musculature that leg. he has been receiving wonderful care and therapy (including massages!) at his foster home. He has a very sweet temperament. If you would like to donate towards Bayard’s care while he is in rehabilitation, please Click Here!