TJ Clibborn and Secoya

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Phone: (765)729-1217

For the last 40 years I have worked with Colts of all breeds and have found that horses never lie – they don’t comprehend this concept, unlike human beings. As such, I find that the people are the hardest to contend with because they want to see results now – horses undoubtedly don’t learn that way. Horses have to learn to trust first, and I say with trust anything is possible. I like to think that my program teaches ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

TJ Clibborn was born in Glen Innes Australia and moved to the states in 1990 where he started the True Partnership Inc way of training. He specializes in training colts for all types of competitions. TJ has made the finals in all the Mustang challenges he has competed in since 2009. TJ’s training methods work on every horse he has had the privilege of working with over the years.

Since 2011 TJ has been starting Colts for Blue Chip Farm LLC in WallKill, New York and takes a month out of his busy schedule to make sure the Olympian horses get a great training start. TJ starts with them as weanlings and each year progresses until they are 3 years old and working under saddle. Tom Grossman, the owner, is very pleased with TJ’s ability to start these valuable colts to go on to be champions.

TJ is very busy during the year traveling throughout the U.S.A. with clinics, giving demonstrations or competing in competitions. When home he is training horses or having weekend clinics on Horsemanship and obstacle training at his training Facility.

Sequoia doesn’t have her own facebook page, but TJ does post updates on her training on his business page TJ Clibborn-a True Partnership