Loma Linda (Update: Loma LInda has been adopted!)

This adorable palomino filly was foaled at MHARF after her dam, Paloma, was taken in during a December 2015 Hubbard County humane case. Loma Linda was foaled on 04/15/16. She’s a big well-muscled filly but unfortunately she was born with a condition known as Parrot Mouth. This condition is somewhat treatable with regular dental care.  Loma Linda will need her teeth floated by veterinarian every 6 months for the rest of her life and will need an adoptive home that is willing to do this. With proper dental care she should be able to live a normal life and be trained for riding.  The case Loma Linda came from involved mares and studs being  kept together and allowed to breed indiscriminately, resulting in much inbreeding. The horses were then abandoned.  Although this condition is not always genetic, this is a perfect example of why people need to geld their colts and not allow this indiscriminate and careless breeding.  We hope the right person is out there to provide this beautiful filly with a loving home.