Bad Lass (Bad Lass has been adopted!)

Bad Lass is a paint mare who came in  during the spring of 2016 from a Pine County humane case along with her colt, Deacon (who was weaned and adopted). She was foaled in approximately 2006. At intake Lass had an umbilical hernia in need of surgical repair. The surgery, the cost of which was generously sponsored by Judy Welch Blue in memory of Bob and Holly Welch (both long-time friends and supporters of MHARF), was completed and she has fully recovered.  Lass was adopted but it ended up not being the right match so she has come back to us. She is broke to ride and is currently in training with Marirose Berner. You can follow Lass’s facebook page Here! Contrary to her name, Bad Lass is a very nice mare!