Rest in Peace, Willow (formerly known as Golden Girl)


DSC_0807Hello MHARF family,
Because you were all part of her life, we wanted to let you know of the passing of our sweet Willow (aka Golden Girl).   She had bad arthritis in her neck and up until recently, we were able to keep her comfortable with anti-inflammatory meds and massage therapy.  With this management, she seemed content and able to do her natural “horsey” things and be a part of the herd.  But ultimately, the arthritis progressed to a point where we could no longer keep her comfortable.  We were watching her closely and we knew the time had come when one day, she didn’t want to go out in the pasture with her sisters.  Something she had done with enthusiasm every day.  With heavy hearts we called the vet and made an appointment for the morning.  On July 9th Willow passed away peacefully in her favorite pasture surrounded by all who loved her.   Including her sisters, Violet, Perdita and Honey, who stood silently watching over her until she was gone.
Although Willow had a quiet personality, she projected a powerful presence in our barn.  Her passing left an empty space and we miss her dearly.  But we are comforted by the knowledge that she was happy here, she was loved wholeheartedly and we did our best to give her the best care possible.
Thanks for bringing her to us, we will always be grateful for having that sweet mare in our lives.
Some pictures of happier times attached.
Willow’s guardians,
Catherine Master and Lynn Seacord