In Memory of Honey

Sadly we received news that the great old mare, Honey, had to be put down. Honey originally came to MHARF from a 2013 case involving an abandoned herd from a failed breeding program. Honey was the herd matriarch. She went into foster care with Lynn Secord and Catherine Master, where Sara Sedgwick met her and adopted her. Honey had made new equine friends in her foster home and she was lucky enough to stay boarded there after Sara adopted her. We want to thank Sara (who also sent us a very generous donation in memory of this sweet mare!), Catherine and Lynn for everything they did for this old broodmare who certainly deserved to live out her last years in peace, health and happiness! We are truly blessed to have people like you involved in our program! The following is a portion of the email we received form Sara: ” I lost Honey last night. Catherine, Lynn and I were with her at Anoka Equine telling her how much we loved her as she passed… Monday morning she went down in her stall when I brought her in to feed her. Catherine dropped her whole day of work and we had the vet out early, tried some pain meds and we sat in the paddock all day. She got worse and we brought her to the hospital. Her symptoms were varied and perplexing as time went on. Blood tests, ultrasounds, multiple vets…they kept trying. Neurologic, skeletal, immune problems, blood clots??? We will never know. They called me last night–she was worse– they were kind enough to let us come and be with her.

Honey brought me so much! She was gentle, kind, funny, snuggly and a joy. How she came to me– I am sure she was a gift from my long term horse Dixon. I wonder if he knew he was giving me a wonderful friend in a horse and bringing me together with Catherine and Lynn and their wonderful horses who I could not possibly love more.
I have so much gratitude to you at MHARF and all you do. I hope you know the extent of the gifts the work you do brings? I hope you do.

I will spend extra time with Zicha (27 year old Saddlebred adopted from MHARF in 2016). Catherine and Lynn will let me continue to do some chores and spend time at their farm a couple times per week. We will spread Honey’s ashes in her favorite pasture and sit in the dirt and sip coffee or a cocktail remembering Honey and celebrating the silly group of girls that will likely be in our back pockets.”

Catherine sent us the picture of Honey under the flowering crab tree along with the message “I will miss this girl–she was the crowd favorite with visitors here. So friendly and gentle. She was very loved.”