Etan: Carlton County #3 Gray Stallion (DECEASED)

Update: We are extremely sad to say that we had to make the very hard decision to have Etan euthanized.  We consulted with multiple veterinarians. The consensus was that Etan’s fetlock joint could not be saved and to put him through difficult anesthesia (due to his body condition), lengthy surgery, and long recovery period (while trying to keep him immobilized and manage his pain), was not the humane thing to do when the probable outcome was a less than 15% chance of ever being sound and free of pain. As much as we would have loved to keep this beautiful boy around, euthanasia was the only unselfish option.


This 8-9 year old stallion was signed over to MHARF on 07/25/19 in an ongoing Carlton County humane case. He has an older, infected injury to a hind leg, We are currently having him vetted and will post updates on his prognosis soon!