Rita is a sorrel quarter pony mare who was foaled in approximately 2003-2004 and stands approximately 14hh. She came in from a November 2019 Chisago County humane case. Rita went through our rehab program and was then assessed for training and was found to not have been started under saddle. Rita was placed with trainers for our 2020 Trainer’s Challenge but was pulled from that event because she had some ongoing trust and fear issues and it was felt a competitive training venue was not right for her. Rita then went into training with Jamie and Kylie Moeller of Lanoux Stables and with the help of their kind and knowledgeable handling and training she is now broke to ride. Jamie and Kylie determined that Rita’s fear and trust issues were mostly caused by fear of the tack. Because we don’t know Rita’s history we don’t know what may have happened to cause this fear. Right now she has only been ridden bitless and bareback (but does very well!). It is possible that Rita will be able to be bitted and under saddle with more time and patient training.

View Video of Rita Riding / Summer 2020