The Making of a Strong Partnership!

Thank you so much to Kris for sending this update on her adopted MHARF horse Raindance Ruby (American Saddlebred mare):
“Over a year and half ago I adopted Ruby. So hard to believe it has been that long! Our partnership is a strong one now, working through the rough patches with Anna’s (#Annahillparelliprofessional) guidance.
Ruby is still at her barn while I continue to take lessons from Anna. I get to see all the horses from the rescue that come through her barn (Longstocking Stables) and get adopted out, just like Ruby.”

Update 01/04/21:

“I wanted to send a few photos of Ruby for you to share as you wish. She has come such a long way since I adopted her and the bond we have formed unlike anything I could have imagined as a first time horse owner. Thank you for the important work you all do!”