“We are grateful for the honor of being her caretakers.”

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Our hearts go out to Catherine and Lynn on the loss of their 28-year-old mare, Violet. Violet originally came to MHARF in a March 2013 humane case and was adopted by Catherine and Lynn a few months later. She led an ideal life on their beautiful farm with several other adopted MHARF horses:

“Today, we had to say goodbye to Violet, the matriarch of our herd. We are heartbroken but it was a beautiful morning, she was relaxed and happy with a full belly. She left peacefully surrounded by the people who loved her dearly and her faithful little herd of MHARF mares, Perdita, Norma and Paloma. Violet was an amazing horse. She was gentle, affectionate, playful and also a fierce, wise alpha mare. Although her body was failing, her spirit never dimmed. She was bossing the others around right up to her last day. We are grateful for the honor of being her care takers for the past nine years. She will be missed. Thanks to all of you in the MHARF family who brought her to us.
Violets Staff,
Catherine and Lynn”
Thank YOU, Catherine and Lynn, for giving Violet such a loving home!