Rest in Peace, Aggie

Everyone at MHARF was very sad to learn of the passing of “Aggie” in late February. Aggie (known then as “Haggis” originally came to the rescue in 2003 as a weanling. She had a birth defect consisting of a kidney that was routed to her uterus instead of the bladder on one side. The amazing vets at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services removed that kidney and helped develop a plan to change Aggie’s diet to eliminate calcium build-up while her remaining kidney compensated and Aggie adapted and recovered. She was then adopted by a wonderful woman named Pat and she went on to have a long, healthy, and happy life. Our hearts go out to Pat on the loss of her beautiful mare. We thank her for the care she gave Aggie for 19 years and for letting us share her story with our followers:
“From the minute I saw Aggie on the MHARF website, I knew she had to be mine. Nineteen years later she crossed the Rainbow Bridge too soon due to severe intestinal torsion. I will be forever grateful to the rescue for saving her as a foal so I could have her in my life. Thank you Drew and all those who support the work of the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation“.