Henry is a dun gelding in his late teens who came to us from a November 2019 Chisago County humane case. Henry is technically in our “rehab” program and working on gaining some much needed weight–but we would consider adopting him out now to a good home who will continue to work on that. He has now had his dental work done and has been treated for a pretty large parasite load he had been carrying–so weight gain should come quickly! We will have more info on him soon.



Leo is a gray gelding who came in during a November 2019 Chisago County humane case. He is around 14.3hh. He is currently in a foster home and will begin a training assessment as soon as he has put on some much needed weight. Watch for updates!



Rita is a sorrel mare who was foaled in approximately 2006. She came in from a November 2019 Chisago County humane case. We don’t know a lot about Rita yet other than she needs to put on some pounds! She recently went into foster care/training with Anna Hill. Anna will work on getting her to a healthy weight and also work on assessing her training level when she is ready. You can follow Rita’s progress on her Facebook page! Although technically still in rehab, Rita is available for adoption to a good home!


Jewell is a nice palomino stock-type mare who was foaled in approximately 1994 and stands 15.2hh. She came to us when we were called out by Sherburne County to pick her up as an estray horse. Her owner was found but didn’t want her back so she was signed over to us. We are told she is broke to ride and to drive both single and double. She has had her farrier work done, as well as all vet work (including dental). She has decent teeth for her age.


Maggie is a bay grade quarter horse mare who stands approximately 14.3hh and was foaled in approximately 1995. She originally came to MHARF from a 2013 humane case. She was adopted several years ago but has now been returned to MHARF because her adopter could no longer keep her. She has a really nice temperament. Maggie is broke to ride but it has been several years since she has been ridden so needs a refresher.