Dave’s New Life

To Drew and the other great volunteers:

dave_beforeJust would like you to know how wonderful “Dave” is. We could have not asked for such a kind and sweet horse. He is working out just grand and has adapted very well to his new home.

When he arrived at French Lake stables last Friday night, December 23rd, 2005, he took a good look at the new surroundings before exiting the trailer and let out several whinnies to announce that it looked just fine here. When entering the barn he proceeded to greet all that were waiting for him with several more announcements that he had arrived and was anxious to see them all!

Dave – now Juddie Dave (or Jud) – and Meg have become fast friends. She has been spending time with him each day and all is going very well. All others at the farm seem to enjoy him also and have complemented on how nice he is.

dave_afterThe new and improved Our other horse, Buddy, is a little jealous, however we have informed him that he needs to get over this stage and NOW is a good time for that. I think this soon will pass as we include both in activities.

Thank you again for the perfect match. We could have not asked for a better gift in this special horse.

Drew and others, you have a special gift and are caring beyond words for all of these animals. We should all be thankful that there are people such as yourselves there to provide the care and kindness needed to the animals who are so deserving of it.

Sue and Meg Miller