“She’s so darn smart!”

Thank you to Emily for this update on Eowyn (formerly Electra). This pretty Arabian mare came to MHARF from a 2017 St. Louis County humane case and competed in our 2018 Trainer’s Challenge with trainer Natalie Linders. Emily has been great about sending us regular updates and we really love to receive them!
“She’s so darn smart. If I know there’s going to be a loud noise or engine or even when she was getting her teeth floated, all I have to say is “noise” and she prepares herself. She will touch her nose to my open palm when I say “hand,” which is great for bending and flexing. She also knows stand, wait, back, walk/trot/canter, turn, naughty (lol), and a few others she’s starting to understand. I have no interest in dressage or any sort of showing or eventing, so I have really made verbal cues a part of our relationship. We also use only a halter and reins, no bridle. She loves my disabled son, Finn, and is incredibly gentle with him. They like to play with a giant ball. Finn is very proud of his ‘AO’.”